Crime Victims Updates



The following three books provide additional examples of and details about abductions; see pp. 220-231; also see the discussion of resiliency and “survivorology” on pp. 23-25 in Ch. 1

A Victim of a Kidnapping in 1992 Writes A Memoir About Being Held Underground

A nine year old girl was held captive and raped in an underground bunker by a family “friend.” Now she is 30 years old, and married with children , and is co-authoring a book about her ordeal, described here. View an interview by this model of resiliency here.

A Kidnap Victim Tells About 18 Years in Captivity

Describes her ordeal and explains why she sued the government; see the real-life example on p.391 of Ch. 12

An eleven year old girl was snatched off the street and kept in a backyard compound for 18 years by a paroled sex offender. Her book describes her plight and ultimately her remarkable resiliency. Read a book review here and view an excerpt from a lengthy interview here.

A Kidnap Victim, Now An Activist Raising Awareness About Child Sexual Abuse, Is Writing A Book

Tells the full story of the case summarized on p. 228 in Ch. 8

Abducted  at the age of 14 by a demented man and his wife, she was raped repeatedly for nine months until she was rescued. She is now married, a college student, and has set up a foundation to help sexually abused children. Read about the book she is working on here, and see a video clip of this resilient young woman’s outreach efforts here.

“Victim 1” Tells About Being Molested By A Highly Respected College Football Assistant Coach

Case discussed in the real life example on p. in Ch. 8; also see the discussion of resiliency and “survivorology” on pp. 23-25 in Ch. 1.

The first boy to come forward and complain about sexual abuse by an assistant football coach writes about his plight in a book co-authored with his mother. The molestations took place in a number of settings, including the perpetrator’s basement while his wife was calling to him from the top of the stairs. Read the story of his quest for justice here.

Senator Reveals He Was Molested As A Boy In Summer Camp

Case discussed in the real life example on p. in Ch. 8; also see the discussion of resiliency and “survivorology” on pp. 23-25 in Ch. 1.

A senator writes a biography in which he reveals he was sexually abused as a camper. He wins an election but then is defeated in abid for re-election. Read about his career here.

English: Scott Brown, Republican U.S. Senator ...

English: Scott Brown, Republican U.S. Senator representing Massachusetts, at a U.S. Senate campaign event on December 31, 2009, in Plymouth Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Young Woman Known As The “Central Park Jogger” Writes About Her Ordeal 

Dramatizes the suffering accompanying a sexual assault cited on p. 292-293 of Ch. 10

This 1989 rape case caught the attention of the national press, partly because it took place in Manhattan’s backyard, Central Park. It also lead to screaming headlines and unfounded fears. Five teenage boys were convicted of participation in a gang rape but years later it appears they were victims of a serious miscarriage of justice. The victim was unable to identify anyone and  aid the prosecution because she could not recall details about the attack. Read her story here.

A Father Writes A Book About His Daughter’s Murder And Then Becomes A Victims Rights Activist

Provides more information about the transformation of a writer into a crusader; see example #3 on p. 422 in Ch. 13

This article later became a basis for his book, and spurred his interest in “justice” on television, in his writings, and in his personal life. Read about his daughter who was strangled by her former boyfried here.


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