Crime Victims Updates



Adds other examples of victims whose plight was previously overlooked; see the listing in Box 2-2 on pp. 55-56 in Ch. 2

Native American Women on “Indian Reservations” Often Suffer Rapes But Rarely Get “Justice”

High rates of violence and sexual assaults take place on poverty-stricken reservations, and low rates of arrests and convictions plague the tribal justice system, according to this newspaper article and this one as well. The jurisdictional problems that leave native women unprotected from non-Indian assailants are explained here. An op-ed spells out the problems and offers solutions here.

Drug Users Pressured By Narcotics Detectives To Become Confidential Informants Can Get Injured Or Killed By The Targets Of These Police Investigations

A criminal justice major gets caught with drugs and is pressured to become a confidential informant. When the drug dealers decide to rob her and find a hidden wire in her purse, they murder her. An investigative reporter discovers that other CI’s have been injured or killed carrying out their assignments. Their law enforcement supervisors blame them for disobeying orders and failing to take the recommended precautions. A journalist, professor, and murdered student’s mother discuss actual cases here.


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